Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today I am extremely frustrated because I am sick of being afraid to drive. I keep hearing stories about how people faced different types of fears and then their fear was magically concurred, but that just has not yet happened for me. I’ve been in Texas for two months now and I am still afraid to drive. Last week, I decided to push through my fear and drive by myself every day and I thought once I did this the fear would go away, but guess what…the fear is still here. Every time I leave my home and have to get behind the wheel, the fear returns. I'm constantly afraid that my husband is going to make me drive places or that he won’t be around when I need to get places and I will have to drive myself. This fear is tiring and stressful.

I get so frustrated because I so desperately want to explore this new city without this heave fear in my passenger seat. I look at people driving and they look so relaxed. They pull in and out of lanes, speed down the highways, and park their car without repeatedly pulling in and out of the parking spot. How do they do it? I want that freedom!! But instead I’m constantly afraid I’m going to hit someone while changing lanes, lose control of the car because I'm not accustomed to driving fast, or someone is going to be slam into me because I am driving going too slow.

I once heard that true courage is facing your fear and doing it anyway... well I'm tired of being courageous... I just want to be confident!