Saturday, December 18, 2010

Month 3: It’s my birthday!!!! & Random thoughts!

Its my  birthday...So it sounds like it’s time for my first dinner party!
Before the party:
No the apartment is not all the way completed but I know that if I wait for that to happen we will never have guest over.  Plus, I’m losing my interest in fixing up this place so the added pressure of guest seeing the apartment will force me to do some more organizing and decorating.  To take some pressure off of me I have deiced to make my first dinner party a potluck! I’ve sent out an evite asking everyone please state what they will be brining when they reply so there are no doubles. My sister is flying in with one of her good friends to help me celebrate. I am very excited about seeing my sister and getting two extra pair of hands to help me. Oh wait… I forgot about my husband (newlywed mistake) yes he will also be there to help!
After the party:
The party was a total success.  The evite idea to organize who was bringing what to the party worked well.  We had so much food. I did get a bit flustered when the person who was supposed to lend me a microwave was late. (I don’t like microwaves so I don’t own one but they are necessary for a potluck!)But this person also has the added gift of making everyone at every party have a good time so when he arrived you couldn’t help but to forgive him.  Everyone ones food was good. I had tons of left-overs and a full bar afterwards. I got compliments on the apartment and some useful tips.  My husband was a good host until about 1am when he feels crashed. That was another panic point for me because I was like I can’t host these people by myself. So I started to clean up and they gently got the hint that the party was over.  I was too busy to take pictures but here are a couple one of my girlfriends took!

Random thoughts!
Why do I act like I’m raised in some foreign land with no electricity or modem appliances! Why am I so afraid to use half my wedding presents. Most are still in a box like they came or sitting pretty in my kitchen like a piece of decoration. Though I must say my bright white kitchen aid and my chrome crock pot are really beautiful. But this is insane! I have to use them! It’s not just because they are pretty because I have no problem using my beautiful all-clad new pots and pans.  The crock pot, food processor, backing pans, mixers, just to name a few things are all things I’ve never used before.   It just plain old fashion fears of the unknown so my third/ fourth month of marriage will be dedicated to trying new these new items.

Month 2: Road Trip!

In the midst of almost getting everything in order comes something very exciting!!! One of my best friend’s birthdays!!! When JS invited me on a girls road trip for her birthday I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  A weekend in North Carolina we would spend one night at her parents’ home in the country and the other night in Chapel Hill a quant yet lively college town. 
Unfortunately as the time grew closer for the fun girl’s weekend, I started to get nervous. I started to feel all this anxiety like the first day of school. I kept on calling Ms. T asking her questions; I wanted all the details what time WE were leaving, what car[] would we be taking, was the car safe, how much we would be spending, where would we be going exactly.   After every phone conversation, I felt comforted for about 30 min then the anxiety would come back. The truth was there was nothing she could say to calm me, the anxiety was coming from the fact that I would be leaving my husband for a weekend.
I couldn’t believe it - two months into my marriage and all of sudden I couldn’t leave him. What happened to the independent go getter he married? I had to pull myself together and push through it. And let me tell you it was well worth it. Guess who had FUN? Me! And I hope JS did too since it was her birthday!!!  All my anxiety faded about 15 min into the car ride. I love North Carolina. It was sweet in every way. People held the doors for me, all the houses seem to have big yards and with welcoming porches, and food was delicious!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Month one: Unpacking!

The wedding and honeymoon was so much fun, but now it’s over.  What are the next steps? How about living happily ever after?  When I imagined living happily ever after, I always pictured living in a nice home that represented both me and my husband, but this apartment is far from a beautiful combination of the two of us… it’s totally masculine.  
Before we got married, we decided to move into my husband’s place because it was larger than mine. He lived in a two bedroom and I lived in a small one bedroom that I converted into a two bedroom.  I rented out my second bedroom so I practically lived in a studio. I thought my things could easily fit into my husband’s spacious and partially empty two bedrooms. My things totally fit but there is no place for anything and nothing matches.  
On the bright side…  We have our lovely wedding gifts and they represent both of us, but like my things, where am I going to put them L
So, for now I must sign off unpacked and disorganized!
Unpacking tips:
1. Save the packaging slips and gift cards for all your wedding presents.
2. Even if you don’t plan on using your gifts right away, before you store your gifts away open them up and make sure nothing is broken.
3. When throwing out boxes make sure you remove any labels with your personal information from the boxes.