Sunday, December 22, 2013

Traveling with a baby or toddler this holiday season?

Our Thanksgiving trip to Florida was Kennedy’s 8th round trip flight! Kennedy has traveled to Florida (4x), New York, California, the Caribbean and Europe. We have traveled as a family and I have travelled with Kennedy alone.  So I think it’s time that I write a post offering some baby/toddler flying tips!

1.     If the airline you are traveling on has curbside drop off, then use it!

2.     Wear your baby in a baby carrier of your choice through security. This will leave your hands free to take off your shoes and put your carry-on items on the conveyor belt. When you are in another country the local airport security may ask you to remove your baby, but in the United states TSA will not ask you to remove baby from the carrier.  What TSA will do is swab your hands for explosives. The swabbing of your hands takes about two minutes. You put your hands out and they wipe it with small cloth, then they test the cloth.  

3.     For domestic flights you can bring frozen breast milk, non-frozen breast milk, water or formula on the flight. TSA will test the milk and the water.  TSA will put the milk in a machine or do an air test, where they swipe a little piece of paper over an open bottle. In other countries, they may have you taste the milk or water.

4.     While the plane is taking off or landing try to nurse or bottle feed the baby. This will help protect the baby’s ears from changes in the air pressure. If your baby is not hungry sometimes a pacifier will do the trick. If you have a toddler, then a lollipop may also work.

5.     Pack extra clothes and supplies because you never know if your flight will be delayed.

6.     If your baby is old enough to be entertained with toys, then use toy leashes so the toys do not fall to the floor. If you child is old enough to use a laptop or a tablet device, then make sure it has a childproof cover.

7.     My favorite infant stroller to travel with is the snap and go stroller.  It opens and closes very easily and it’s very light.  The snap and go also has a good-sized storage pouch on the bottom for you to store things.  Also if you have a paid seat or you are lucky enough to get a free seat for your baby, it’s an easy way to carry the car seat on to the flight.

8.     We have never brought Kennedy a seat, so we try to travel during off-peak hours, increasing our chances of getting a free seat for Kennedy. We’ve had the best luck with Southwest Airlines.  Southwest has pre-boarding for families with small children and passengers are allowed to choose their own seats.  No one wants to sit near a baby, so other then our travel over the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ve always gotten a free seat for Kennedy on Southwest.  With other airlines, I’ve asked the gate agent if the flight is full. If the flight is not full, then they will usually find a pair of available seats and assign one of them to me and the other one to Kennedy at no extra charge.  (This may change since airlines keep trying to find ways to charge more fees.)

9.     Using gate-check bags are great way for you to protect your stroller and car seat if you check them at the gate.  However, when I was traveling alone with an inexpensive snap and go stroller I didn’t bother with a gate check bag.

10. Always be polite!!!  

Thursday, December 5, 2013


A few weeks ago, my husband and I started taking a Hypnobabies course. When I was pregnant with Kennedy, we took classes on the Bradley method of childbirth. I liked the Bradley method and I think it’s a great class for first time parents, even if you aren’t planning to go natural.  However, I didn’t think we had the best teacher.  Also, my husband and I didn’t do all of the exercises that we were supposed to do.

I felt the Bradley Method educated me on how to have a healthy pregnancy and the pros of natural childbirth but in the end didn’t teach me how to deal with labor pains which left me feeling a bit helpless.  Granted, I didn’t go into labor naturally.  I was medically induced with Pitocin, which is supposed to be more painful than a natural childbirth, but Pitocin or not, I didn’t feel that I had the tools to help me deal with the intense pain.  When my doula or husband reminded me to relax it did help, but unfortunately, I was so scared and filled with so many other emotions that I actually forgot how to relax. At times it was very frustrating and scary. The only thing that helped was my doula’s massages, my husband’s kind words and soaking in the bathtub.

This time around, I looked for a natural childbirth method and class that empowers the mother. I want to be able to control my reaction to the pain and if possible control the pain. I also want to control negative thoughts and not just during active labor, but also during my pregnancy.  As I prepare for my VBAC, I have heard and will likely continue to hear negative stories and some may get into my head. I also know that I have more to fear during this labor and that’s not just a fear of the pain, but a fear of all that can go wrong. I need a class that teaches me how to deal with the intense physical pain and the fear in my head. 

After researching different birthing methods and classes, I think I found what I was looking for in  Hypnobabies.  The  Hypnobabies  ourse teaches medical hypnosis techniques.  These techniques are supposed to help create a relaxing pregnancy, a calm yet confident Birth Partner (my husband), and an easier, more comfortable and sometimes (dare I say it) pain-free birth.  I can’t say just yet, if it’s going to give me a pain free birth, but what I do know is my pregnancy is much calmer. Every time we hit a speed bump with this pregnancy, I believe that I can handle things and I have been fortunate enough to overcome the obstacles we have faced! With  Hypnobabies , I feel empowered, calm and in control of my pregnancy.  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Hanukkah and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope you all enjoy your Holiday.

Right now I have a cold and it blows!!! However, I’m still going to have tons of fun with my family. I know I’ve been away for a while but we have been dealing with a list of childhood illness that Kennedy has brought home from school! I have an updated pregnancy post I will share during the weekend.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pregnancy Makeover

Have you every had one of those moments when you look in the mirror and you think to yourself who is this un-kept person?  I had that moment…. Ok, I had a few of those moments. It took a few, “OMG! Who let me out the house looking like this” moments to get it threw my head that I need to take better care of my self and find clothes that fit my growing belly.

I decided to give myself a make over and here it is... 
Dress:Oldnavy, Shoes:Steve Madden Toddler: all mine :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Staying Fit While Pregnant

When I was five weeks pregnant, Kennedy and I were in a car accident.  Kennedy and I are okay, but I later learned that I sprained my back.  My back didn’t bother me until I was about 10 weeks pregnant.  I noticed my lower back started to hurt me while on a family vacation to Paris, France.  I’m not sure if it was the 10 hour flight to Paris, the extensive walking or the fact that my baby was growing, but I was no longer able to jog, walk long distances, sit for long periods of time or lift my toddler without my back hurting.  After I returned to Houston I started to see a chiropractor for physical therapy.  It’s been about two months and last week I was finally given permission to start jogging again!!! Well, they said I could only jog a quarter of a mile at a time, but I was excited.  I bought new sneakers and headed on out with my husband. I couldn’t even finish the quarter mile because I started cramping. I was so angry.  I worked so hard to get into shape after I had Kennedy and two months of no jogging has really set me back.  Instead of giving up I went back out again a few days later and I just split up the quarter mile into segments where I would jog for 1 block then walk one block.  This made it easier and I was able to complete the run on my terms.  I now realize I won’t be able to jog 3 miles 3 times a week while I am pregnant, but if I can run just one mile, then I’ll take it!  I also started to go to prenatal yoga twice a week.  I know exercises are very important to staying fit during pregnancy and can really help decrease the amount of time you are in labor. 

What are some things you did to stay fit during labor?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Started Taking Montessori Toddler-Parenting Classes

I started taking toddler-parenting classes.  I know!  Who takes parenting classes with a 16 month old?  I realized that I needed some guidance in parenting.  Since becoming pregnant, I became the parent I never wanted to be.  I have not been as engaged with my daughter as I wanted to be.  My daughter was watching way to much TV or  she was playing with my Ipad or IPhone to keep her busy while I was watching TV.  We were not going out as much.  Play dates didn’t seem like my idea of a good time anymore.  It seemed as though I lost my passion for parenting.  Yes, I could blame it on my pregnancy but pregnant or not Kennedy only has one mommy and one childhood so I had to get my act together.  I have always loved the Montessori method and I’ve been practicing some of those methods with Kennedy at home.  Kennedy is also attending a Montessori school, so when I found out there was a reasonably priced parenting class being offered at one of the most prestigious Montessori schools in Houston, I signed up.  Kennedy and I have only been to one class and there has already been a drastic change in my house. 

Here are some positive aspects that the class has provided to us:

1.     My passion for being a mother has returned.
2.     Kennedy  (In my presence) has not watched TV nor  has the TV  been on for background noise in almost  2 weeks. 
3.     I removed most of her toys and books and put them in the guest room. We will now be rotating her toys and books. 
4.     She now has to put each toy back when she is done. This is only realistic because she only has few toys to choose from. They are now on an open shelf, no more toy bins. 
5.     Most of the time, I’m the one putting the toy back but she is watching me do it and has attempted to put a few back on her own.
6.     She has had a few temper tantrums during this process but I never have lost my cool so her tantrums are much shorter and less serious.

7.     I had more time to write this blog post!!!! Score!