Wednesday, February 14, 2018


One of the things I’ve been working on over the past few years is cooking, especially learning how to cook healthy meals for my family. I don’t love cooking. Sometimes, I actually hate it, but we have to EAT! Boy, do we have to eat. One day I thought about it… We have to eat every day, a minimum of 3 times a day, and there are 5 of us in my family. So, that means 15 meals A DAY! 15 meals a day that need to be made by me and I don’t like cooking! My husband helps sometimes, but work keeps him pretty busy.  

To further complicate things, as I get older, I’ve noticed that I just can’t eat everything the way I used to. I’m not going to talk to you about nutrition, because I’m not a nutritionist. I’m just going to share my experience. I’ve noticed that what I eat doesn’t just affect my weight, or energy levels. It also affects my mood. Mood is so important because it can affect my entire outlook on life.  

I’m a mom. Imagine facing a 2, 3, and 5-year-old while in a bad mood… It’s so hard and it’s not fair to them or me. If I have low energy and I’m in a bad mood, I’m not the only one suffering. My whole family suffers, all because of the foods I have eaten. The food culprits are processed foods, but most notably SUGAR and FLOUR.

So, over the next few weeks, months and years, I’m going to challenge myself to avoid these foods.  Lucky for me there are tons of resources to find recipes that avoid these foods. Yet, here is the real challenge for me and I’m sure for some of you… finding the time to buy groceries, plan meals and actually cook these meals!!!

Stay tuned for tips on how to make the most of your time in my next post. Just kidding… Stay tuned and or join (please comment and add your own tips) me as I continue to learn how to feed my family healthy, low cost,  low prep meals.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Oh Wednesday!!

Oh Wednesday!! Today feels like the Wednesday of all Wednesdays. I’m suffering with a chest cold that comes along with a bad cough, plus a cough that kept me up all night long.

I could take a nighttime cough suppressant, but when I take nighttime cough suppressants, I wake up in a fog because I didn't get what I call natural sleep.  So my sad options are to (i) stay up all night and get the little sleep I can get between coughing attacks and be tired the next day, or (ii) take cough suppressant and sleep all night then wake up in a tired fog. Last night, I decided to take the cough suppressant, so today I’m moving in a tired fog.

I want to crawl back into bed, but I won’t, because today I’m going to start blogging.  Why? Because I’m tired of justifying to myself with a hundred and one reasons why I can’t or should blog today when I really want to deep down.  Today, I don’t care how crappy my writing is, how messy my home is or about the 100 million other things that need to be done. Today I blog and I will continue to blog.  It starts here.

I love blogging and I have not done it in years. Since the last time I blogged… I have actually moved back to the United States from the UK, had a baby boy named Cole, moved to a new house, celebrated Cole’s  first birthday, Talia's second and third birthdays and Kennedy's fourth and fifth birthdays. Yes, I’ve been busy but I’ve missed blogging.  It’s time to blog.  Years… have passed… because I was waiting for the perfect time and the perfect story. Well we all know there is no such thing, so you will have to settle for my imperfect life. I just have to start, so hear I go…  I am back!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mama is cooking!!!

We only have a few weeks left, and I am finally getting into a routine!!!!  When we decided to move to London. I knew I didn’t want the girls in school full time because I wanted to be able to explore London with girls in toe.   But I also wanted to have a few days for myself to avoid "burn out" and have fun. The girls go to a nursery two days a week, and I’m supposed to use this time to myself. However, I ended up using this time to clean, do laundry and run family errands. But one day I started to fit in a workout and from there I started to claim my days off.  I’ve started to take cooking classes. 

I started to take cooking classes because I’m not the most confident cook. I can cook a few staple West Indian dishes, but that’s it. I have no idea how to cook European, Asian or American foods.  I’m so bad that I can’t even sauté a piece of fish correctly. Thus following a recipe is very difficult for me because I don’t know how to do the basics.  My goal while in London is to do something for myself that I think is fun and will help me develop as a person. I love to entertain so I decided I would take some basic cooking classes.  So far, I’ve taken three classes,  (Thai) Coconut Prawn Curry, (French ) Chicken with Tarragon and Creme Fraiche, and (Spanish) Cod with Butterbean and Chorizo.

Below is a picture of my favorite dish and the link to the recipe: 
Cod with Butterbean and Chorizo. This was my favorite because it was so simple to make and so yummy!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Writing Disability

I have a writing disability also known as Dysgraphia. My writing disability is one of the main reasons I stopped blogging. I have language based Dysgraphia Vs. the motor skill Dysgraphia. Language-based Dysgraphia affects my ability to correct my grammar, spelling, and word organizations. In order to make sure my post were grammatically correct and not to embarrass myself, my husband always did a grammar check on my work. However waiting two or three days for him to correct my post killed my creativity. This time around I’ve purchased Grammarly, a grammar check software. No software is perfect, but it will do for the moment.  I'm sure my first few post will be rough but after awhile I’ll improve. I just have to write/ post and learn from my mistakes.

Below is more information about Dysgraphia taken from website.

Dysgraphia that is caused by a language disorder may be characterized by the person having difficulty converting the sounds of language into written form (phonemes into graphemes), or knowing which alternate spelling to use for each sound. A person with dysgraphia may write their letters in reverse, have trouble recalling how letters are formed, or when to use lower or upper case letters. A person with dysgraphia may struggle to form written sentences with correct grammar and punctuation, with common problems including omitting words, words ordered incorrectly, incorrect verb and pronoun usage and word ending errors. People with dysgraphia may speak more easily and fluently than they write.
Information above provided by

Monday, January 12, 2015


Last time I wrote, I just had a healthy baby girl via VBAC! Fast forward, Talia is almost a year old and guess what? No, I’m not pregnant… Lol! But we moved to London, UK. We moved to the UK for my husband’s work. My husband accepted a six months assignment, and we have been here for four months. We have two more months to go!  It will be bitter sweet to say goodbye. I just started to make real friendship and we finally have a good routine.  I love living here, though the first few months were rough. It’s been tough because the girls were not sleeping! We finally got Talia to sleep thought the night, but Kennedy is another story. She was a good sleeper till London and she is still having trouble sleeping. I know it’s a late start, but I think it will be fun for you all to tag along with us on our last few weeks.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I keep waiting to write the perfect post… waiting for my kids to go to sleep…Waiting for more energy… Waiting to be more organized…Waiting for my husband to get a brake from work so he can get back to editing my post… I just keep waiting. Mean while there is so much going on that I’m not sharing with you and so much happening on all your blogs that I missing. For the New Year, I’m going to make time for blogging. I realize it’s important to me. My New Year resolution for this blog is… STOP WAITING And Just WRITE! So here it is my first imperfect but not last post for the New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Birth Story Part 2

So I... put on my headphones and I listened to my hypnobabies sound track and then I was able to relax.  At that point my husband went to sleep. My Doula spent the rest of the night massaging my pressure points or turning me in my bed. I listened to my tapes all night and watched a simulated birth on my cell phone over and over and before I knew it morning had arrived. I remember my doula telling me, Breanne your contractions are slowing down and they are going to tell you that they want to start to give you Pitocin. Ask them for another hour and at that point your OB will be on call and we can let her make the decision. And just like my doula said, an intern for the OB who I didn’t like walked in and said she was going to give me Pitocin and I asked for another hour and she agreed.

At 7am, the hospital shifts changed and I had to say goodbye to my wonderful nurse. I was sad to see her leave because I really liked her and I understood how important your birthing nurse is to your birthing experience. I remember hating the birthing nurse I had when I gave birth to Kennedy. I even requested not to have her this time around. I didn’t remember her name but it was in my files at the hospital. Funny enough, my OB knew the nurse I was talking about even though I couldn’t remember her name. Anyways, the new nurse came on and she seemed a bit distant. So my husband and my doula started to make small talk with her and she slowly started to seem more human which helped me relax.

Around 9am, the nurse walked into my room and said your baby' heart rate is decreasing and my heart dropped. I thought this is it – here comes the C-section talk, but instead, she checked me and said you are COMPLETE!  I did it. I made it to 10 cm dilated. This was it… I could see the finish line! My nurse left to get my OB and I swear when my husband heard this he got so excited.   He buttoned his shirt and brushed his teeth. I thought to myself… hell no he was not going to look beautiful in the post pregnancy pictures and I was going look a mess. I told my doula to grab my make up bag because it’s show time. The theater major in me came back in full force.  My doula helped me brush my teeth and I had time to apply a little lipstick.

My OB came in and told me that I would need to start pushing soon, but we were going to wait for the baby to drop or something. That part is a bit vague. I remember my mother and my mother in-law coming at that point. We were all so excited.

Time to push. Pushing by far was much harder then I thought it would be, even with the epidural.  I pushed for almost 2 hours. Everyone kept telling me I was doing a good job, but it seemed to take forever. The nurse asked me if I wanted a mirror and I told her yes.  The only problem is when I pushed I would close my eyes. Apparently the baby’s head would come out while I was pushing and go back in when I stopped. So all I could see was the head going back in towards the end of my pushes.  I got very frustrated over time, but eventually I was able to see some progress. Suddenly, after some time, my doula and my OB said “this is it”…I would need to take down my nightgown if I wanted to do ‘skin to skin’, but I was in a bit of denial, so I said no… I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  In the back of my mind, I didn’t believe this was really happening. I was really about to give birth to my daughter – a vaginal birth.  Then, with that last push I began to cry because I felt her leave my body and I knew that I had done it. I did it! Per our birth plan my husband announced to the room it was a girl!!! Then they immediately put her in my arms. I’ll never forget this moment.  She smelled so good and I put her on my chest and I thought, no, I didn’t do it, we did it!  There were so many times during my pregnancy and even my labor that I doubted that this was going to happen, but my prayers were answered.  Talia had a gentle birth and she was born in a room full of love.