Thursday, January 19, 2012

First post for the New Year!!!

Hey guys I all hope you had a wonderful holiday! I have had the hardest time figuring out how to recap the holiday. My holiday was very busy and full of activities that constantly included friends and family who do not know I have a blog or do not want to be shown on my blog. I wanted to just skip this post all together but I couldn’t skip it because it was my first Christmas and New Years in Texas. So I’ve decided to make the recap really simple with just a few photos

My grandmother, mother, brother, sister in law, sister and two nephews all flew to Houston. This was my first time playing hostess and I was a bit stressed out but then my grandma made her famous pumpkin soup and it made everything… ALL GOOD!!!


Christmas eve my mother in law shared with me one of her Mac and Cheese recipes…


My favorite Christmas picture of Michael and at Christmas dinner…


For NYE Michael and I drove to San Antonio to spend NYE with one of my college roommates (who is also pregnant) and her family…


And we had a ball…


How are all of you doing?