Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On May 16th I became a mother to this healthy & beautiful baby girl…

Introducing  with love…  KENNEDY
Born: May 16, 2012
Time: 11:04 pm
Weight: 9lbs 14oz 

BTW... We chose the name Kennedy because I wanted a NYC name. Kennedy Airport is the NYC airport my family and I used when we immigrated to America.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You are My Sunshine!

A week after my shower in NYC, I was blessed to have another shower in Houston. My MIL and good friend Ebony hosted a “You Are My Sunshine” baby shower for me. Since MT and I have lived in Houston for less than a year many of the guests were family and friends of my MIL, however some of my Favorite H-Town bloggers also attended. These wonderful women have made my transition from NYC a lot easier. Below are some photos from the “You Are My Sunshine” baby shower.

 My Cake!!! DSC00781 Ebony the Host!!!! DSC00836 So sweet… DSC00910 H-town Bloggers: Megan ( & Katie ( DSC00819 Me & Jocelyn ( DSC00798 Meg & Baby K ( meg and baby k My sweets…. DSC00800 My favorite sweets… DSC00855 Megan winning a game! DSC00841 Gift time & Thank you (s) DSC00917 DSC00926 Time to say good bye! DSC00984 One lucky little baby girl! DSC00795

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NYC Shower!

Hello there, As promised, I am taking a brake from my nesting insanity to share with you some baby shower pictures. A week after we got back from our baby-moon at 33 weeks pregnant we flew to NYC for a friend’s birthday. While there my friend (the bride from the last post) threw me a small, but awesome baby shower. Below are just a few pics! MT and my old college roommate, Monique from Cali! She was a surprise guest. Monique shower Adrian, my old roommate who introduced MT and I! 232323232fp;8;>nu=32;->568>28->WSNRCG=35475;8-62335nu0mrj Ife and Aaron Sanchez, old family friends! 232323232fp;55>nu=32;->568>28->WSNRCG=35475;7985335nu0mrj My good friend Amatualla hosted the games. 232323232fp;77>nu=32;->568>28->WSNRCG=35475;8486335nu0mrj My beautiful high school and college friends. 232323232fp;54>nu=32;->568>28->WSNRCG=35475;9642335nu0mrj Proud parents… 232323232fp;-8>nu=32;->568>28->WSNRCG=35475;-8<5335nu0mrj