Thursday, February 6, 2014

She is here!!!

Talia was born 3 weeks early on Jan 21 via VBAC!!!! I DID IT!!!!  Well, WE did it! I wouldn’t have been able to have a successful VBAC if it wasn’t for my supportive husband and  my amazing: Doula, OB, Nurse, Chiropractor and hospital.

Why have I been so silent recently? Well, my last trimester was tough. I found out once again I had cholestasis.  Cholestasis is a pregnancy disease that increases your chance of having a stillborn baby.  In order to prevent a stillbirth, I had to be on medication, go to the hospital every week for sonograms and stress tests and I also had to be induced early. From my understanding, a chemical induction also meant the odds of me having a VBAC was less. With all of this going on, I took a break from the blog. My next story will be my birth story I can’t wait to share it.

For more information about Cholestasis please click this link: