Saturday, April 7, 2018

4 weeks

Hey ya’ll ok its been 4 weeks so lets catch up.

Week 1:
Eating well went O. K.  I didn’t totally stuck to my menu because midweek, I realized my husband was going out of town. I basically stopped cooking on Wednesday and survived on left overs, corn tortillas, black beans and cheese quesadillas.

Week 2:
The following week, I planned to follow the same menu. Repeating the menu turned out to be a brilliant idea. I had most of the grocery already purchased and I didn’t have to spend time shopping or thinking of a new menu. Saving time turned out more valuable then usual because my kids got sick! First my daughter came down with what seems like a stomach bug and then my son has it.

Later we learned my daughter’s stomach bug triggered her first Asthma attack. We didn’t know DD even had asthma. The past couple of weeks we have been learning how to care for her with this new diagnosis. She is doing well now and is back in school.

Week 3: Things are finally starting to normalize. But I thought I could just reuse the same menu for a 3rd week in a row. WRONG! Oh so wrong.  Half way threw the week I started to run out of grocery. Shopping and cooking the same day, what a waste of time. But I was still able to eat healthy because luckly I had some I previously froze for busy days that I didn’t have time to cook.
Week 4 (Easter Weekend): As you can guess, it all fell apart. I had too much fun over the weekend I didn’t make any meal plan. Guess what we ate. PIZZA! Pizza not once but 3 times in one week. By the end of the week, I was so bloated, someone asked me if I was pregnant! No, I am not pregnant.  At that point I just plain gave up. It was Easter weekend and ate a ton of Easter sweet.

Hello week 5: SALAD!!!! I’m now in the process of coming up with a meal plan for the next to weeks and my theme is Salad.  I’ll post my salad themed meal plan as soon as I’m done with it.

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