Sunday, October 10, 2010

Month one: Unpacking!

The wedding and honeymoon was so much fun, but now it’s over.  What are the next steps? How about living happily ever after?  When I imagined living happily ever after, I always pictured living in a nice home that represented both me and my husband, but this apartment is far from a beautiful combination of the two of us… it’s totally masculine.  
Before we got married, we decided to move into my husband’s place because it was larger than mine. He lived in a two bedroom and I lived in a small one bedroom that I converted into a two bedroom.  I rented out my second bedroom so I practically lived in a studio. I thought my things could easily fit into my husband’s spacious and partially empty two bedrooms. My things totally fit but there is no place for anything and nothing matches.  
On the bright side…  We have our lovely wedding gifts and they represent both of us, but like my things, where am I going to put them L
So, for now I must sign off unpacked and disorganized!
Unpacking tips:
1. Save the packaging slips and gift cards for all your wedding presents.
2. Even if you don’t plan on using your gifts right away, before you store your gifts away open them up and make sure nothing is broken.
3. When throwing out boxes make sure you remove any labels with your personal information from the boxes.


  1. Great tips. I would have never thought to tear off the labels.

    So glad you decided to blog! Can't wait to read more. :)

  2. Great packing tips. Totally feel you on where to put the wedding presents. We still have most of ours in boxes as we've not got all our furniture yet.

    Can't wait to use them some of the kitchen stuff!

  3. Well said! One of the most immediately difficult tranistions newlyweds face is the merging of households. When your things physically come together there is a space usuage reality check and then lots of compromise and sacrifice that leads to questions like "Is the neon beer sign a must have, Honey? Or "How about that antique doll collection?"

    A couple times a year House Hunters on HGTV does an episode with a newlywed couple facing the dilemma of who gets to keep what. These shows can be funny and intense!

    I'm looking forward to more great tips. Thanks!

  4. Hey guys thanks for the comments... I'm still learning how to blog and I didn't even know I had some of these comments.