Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm Halfway Through My Pregnancy!!!

How far along? 20 Weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: 12lbs

How big is baby? The size of a cantaloupe

Maternity clothes? 90% of my clothing is now maternity. Most are hand-me-downs or from the gap! The gap has great deals on good quality and stylish maternity clothing!!!

Stretch Marks? Nope!

Best moment this week? Feeling the baby move!

Movement? The movements are so soft and sweet. They happened after I have been very active. For
example, after I go through a cleaning/nesting spell.

Food Cravings? West Indian cuisine!

What I miss: Alcohol!

What I am looking forward to: I love visits with my midwife where I can hear the baby’s heart beat or see the baby on an ultrasound.

Nausea/Vomiting? Not since October!

Belly Button in or out? It’s starting to move on out.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Sleep? It’s so hard to stay sleep on my side even with my snoogle.

Weekly Wisdom: Embrace your changing body!!!


  1. Jealous that your nausea left so soon! Lucky lady. You look fabulous. :D

  2. You look so adorable!! Congrats on reaching the half way mark! I'll be there next week and I'm excited to reach such a big milestone. Only 20 more weeks to go! It'll fly by, right? Please say yes!

  3. so excited for you! you are adorable.

  4. You look so cute! I'm going to check out the GAP for Maternity clothes now.

  5. You are so stinkin cute!!!! Yay for 20 weeks!!!

  6. You look great! Enjoy this time as much as you can!

  7. You are too cute!! and girl, I miss alcohol too! lol

  8. You look SO CUTE!!!! OMG I love it.

  9. Congrats on baking for 20wks. I promise I had blown up by this point and baby girl was not soft nor sweet with her movements lol. She was having mini earthquakes in there.

  10. Thank you so much for the kind comments! And it's good to know I'm not the only pregnant woman who misses alcohol.

  11. CUTE!! Yes girl I remember only wanting my grandmother's cooking and missing drinks too! Almost there