Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Belated Halloween!

Happy Belated Halloween! We had a ball.  Our Halloween celebration started last Saturday. We brought the baby to a Pumpkin Patch party in our neighborhood.

 Later that night the family got dressed up and went to a neighbor’s party.  

The next day we brought the baby  K to the zoo  for the first time where they were having a Halloween kids party. 

All the fun continued through Halloween night when we had an impromptu block party with our neighbors. 

Instead of staying in our house to give out candy we brought the candy outside and we all hung out with each other. This worked out really well for us because our baby fell a sleep really early that night and she might have been disturbed by trick or treaters  ringing the doorbell. 

How was your Halloween?  

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  1. She is so stinking cute!! I love how you and your neighbors just all hang out like that. We are the youngest couple on our street but luckily our neighbors are super nice with a lot of young kids, too. We sat outside too and handed out candy - it was perfect weather! I love your costumes for the party!!