Thursday, December 5, 2013


A few weeks ago, my husband and I started taking a Hypnobabies course. When I was pregnant with Kennedy, we took classes on the Bradley method of childbirth. I liked the Bradley method and I think it’s a great class for first time parents, even if you aren’t planning to go natural.  However, I didn’t think we had the best teacher.  Also, my husband and I didn’t do all of the exercises that we were supposed to do.

I felt the Bradley Method educated me on how to have a healthy pregnancy and the pros of natural childbirth but in the end didn’t teach me how to deal with labor pains which left me feeling a bit helpless.  Granted, I didn’t go into labor naturally.  I was medically induced with Pitocin, which is supposed to be more painful than a natural childbirth, but Pitocin or not, I didn’t feel that I had the tools to help me deal with the intense pain.  When my doula or husband reminded me to relax it did help, but unfortunately, I was so scared and filled with so many other emotions that I actually forgot how to relax. At times it was very frustrating and scary. The only thing that helped was my doula’s massages, my husband’s kind words and soaking in the bathtub.

This time around, I looked for a natural childbirth method and class that empowers the mother. I want to be able to control my reaction to the pain and if possible control the pain. I also want to control negative thoughts and not just during active labor, but also during my pregnancy.  As I prepare for my VBAC, I have heard and will likely continue to hear negative stories and some may get into my head. I also know that I have more to fear during this labor and that’s not just a fear of the pain, but a fear of all that can go wrong. I need a class that teaches me how to deal with the intense physical pain and the fear in my head. 

After researching different birthing methods and classes, I think I found what I was looking for in  Hypnobabies.  The  Hypnobabies  ourse teaches medical hypnosis techniques.  These techniques are supposed to help create a relaxing pregnancy, a calm yet confident Birth Partner (my husband), and an easier, more comfortable and sometimes (dare I say it) pain-free birth.  I can’t say just yet, if it’s going to give me a pain free birth, but what I do know is my pregnancy is much calmer. Every time we hit a speed bump with this pregnancy, I believe that I can handle things and I have been fortunate enough to overcome the obstacles we have faced! With  Hypnobabies , I feel empowered, calm and in control of my pregnancy.  


  1. I am totally pro-Hypnobabies. I think having mental tools to deal with pain in your arsenal is extremely important if you really want to go drug free. Trying to just white-knuckle it or use an iron will just doesn't cut it IMO.

    Having used the program 2x, I don't feel like anything was pain-(pressure LOL!) free, but the program helped me stay remarkably calm through a lot of hard labor. I was able to call upon the ability to relax and stay calm after all of that constant daily repetition. Yes, I had to often remind myself to drop my shoulders and breathe correctly in the midst of labor, but studying HB gave me a point of reference to do so if that makes sense! I was able to use that "Peace" keyword as a trigger to stop tensing up and relax.

    I really loved the affirmations. I often had them playing in the background at work. They seem kind of corny but those positive thoughts got into my head. They have a VBAC Success download/affirmations you can buy too!

    1. I think I will order the VBAC Success affirmations. I love the affirmations CD. I listen to it in my car and now kennedy says babies all day long and calls everyone baby!!!! LOL!

  2. I loved hypnobabies. but I LOOOOVED Bradley Method. I felt the most important part of getting through my contractions and getting to 8cm w/o drugs was the relaxing/untensing my whole body, esp. my neck/jaw which they seemed to keep repeating over and over in the bradley method books.
    Hypnobabies was wonderful too. I really loved the relaxation, but sometimes the woman's voice would get to me lol. I liked the "come out baby" one lol. Towards the end that's all I'd play haha.

  3. You did both! How did you find the time. I have only heard good things about Bradley so I really think it was my teacher. She talked way to much about her own life.