Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Started Taking Montessori Toddler-Parenting Classes

I started taking toddler-parenting classes.  I know!  Who takes parenting classes with a 16 month old?  I realized that I needed some guidance in parenting.  Since becoming pregnant, I became the parent I never wanted to be.  I have not been as engaged with my daughter as I wanted to be.  My daughter was watching way to much TV or  she was playing with my Ipad or IPhone to keep her busy while I was watching TV.  We were not going out as much.  Play dates didn’t seem like my idea of a good time anymore.  It seemed as though I lost my passion for parenting.  Yes, I could blame it on my pregnancy but pregnant or not Kennedy only has one mommy and one childhood so I had to get my act together.  I have always loved the Montessori method and I’ve been practicing some of those methods with Kennedy at home.  Kennedy is also attending a Montessori school, so when I found out there was a reasonably priced parenting class being offered at one of the most prestigious Montessori schools in Houston, I signed up.  Kennedy and I have only been to one class and there has already been a drastic change in my house. 

Here are some positive aspects that the class has provided to us:

1.     My passion for being a mother has returned.
2.     Kennedy  (In my presence) has not watched TV nor  has the TV  been on for background noise in almost  2 weeks. 
3.     I removed most of her toys and books and put them in the guest room. We will now be rotating her toys and books. 
4.     She now has to put each toy back when she is done. This is only realistic because she only has few toys to choose from. They are now on an open shelf, no more toy bins. 
5.     Most of the time, I’m the one putting the toy back but she is watching me do it and has attempted to put a few back on her own.
6.     She has had a few temper tantrums during this process but I never have lost my cool so her tantrums are much shorter and less serious.

7.     I had more time to write this blog post!!!! Score!


  1. Wow! I'm saving this in the "keep for later" file. Seriously, I'm always on the look-out for parenting tips and raising a strong, independent, considerate, and responsible kid. Of course, said kid isn't due until December but one can never be too prepared, right?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHA

    1. Ahhh thank you. No you can never be to prepared because you have no idea what kind of baby or mother you will be until it happens. I think its good to read different points of views so you will have different tools to pull from.

  2. I;ve been seriously thinking about throwing half of Pookahs toys away and putting the other half up in one of our spare guest rooms. Cause they are EVERYWHERE.
    so, you put the toys away and put out only a few at a time? Does she ever request a toy that's not out on the shelf?
    I'm intrigued.....

    1. Great questions! As I look at this post, I realized I left out major points. One day I will better address it.

      The point of putting each toy back and having less is not just to be organized but it also teaches impulse control, concentration and for babies memory.

      Kennedy is too young to ask for missing toys. I did leave out all of her favorite push toys, the ones she used everyday. The other three toys I put on the shelf are the ones I will rotate. I will also show her how to use them because I never had the time, bf I was over whelmed by all her crap.

      I did the same with her books, I left out one favorite and introduced 2 new books she never seem to pay attention too.