Friday, October 18, 2013

Staying Fit While Pregnant

When I was five weeks pregnant, Kennedy and I were in a car accident.  Kennedy and I are okay, but I later learned that I sprained my back.  My back didn’t bother me until I was about 10 weeks pregnant.  I noticed my lower back started to hurt me while on a family vacation to Paris, France.  I’m not sure if it was the 10 hour flight to Paris, the extensive walking or the fact that my baby was growing, but I was no longer able to jog, walk long distances, sit for long periods of time or lift my toddler without my back hurting.  After I returned to Houston I started to see a chiropractor for physical therapy.  It’s been about two months and last week I was finally given permission to start jogging again!!! Well, they said I could only jog a quarter of a mile at a time, but I was excited.  I bought new sneakers and headed on out with my husband. I couldn’t even finish the quarter mile because I started cramping. I was so angry.  I worked so hard to get into shape after I had Kennedy and two months of no jogging has really set me back.  Instead of giving up I went back out again a few days later and I just split up the quarter mile into segments where I would jog for 1 block then walk one block.  This made it easier and I was able to complete the run on my terms.  I now realize I won’t be able to jog 3 miles 3 times a week while I am pregnant, but if I can run just one mile, then I’ll take it!  I also started to go to prenatal yoga twice a week.  I know exercises are very important to staying fit during pregnancy and can really help decrease the amount of time you are in labor. 

What are some things you did to stay fit during labor?


  1. I'm a walker and try to take the stairs whenever I can...I might fit crunches in (emphasis on the might)

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